2.5LB CO2 Tank Aluminum Beer Gas Cylinder For Kegerator Keezer DOT CGA320 Valve

  • $62.99

Brand new 2.5LB aluminum CO2 tank for draft beer systems, home brewing, or other beverage needs.

Current DOT hydrostatic inspection dates engraved for easy filling at your local gas supplier.

Aluminum tanks are lighter than steel, and offer much better resistance to rust and corrosion! Our new inventory of tanks features upgraded heavy duty hand wheels for extra durability.


  • Aluminum cylinder with attractive brushed finish.
  • Brass valve with heavy duty aluminum handle
  • CGA320 CO2 valve (standard for USA CO2 tanks)
  • DOT Certified
  • 2021 hydrostatic test stamp (good for 5 years. Tanks are discounted to reflect this)
  • 2015psi service pressure rated
  • Shipped in protective sleeve to preserve finish.
  • Tank is shipped empty, but ready to fill at your local gas supplier!
  • 12.25" Tall, 5" Diameter
  • Empty weight is 5lbs 2oz

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