2 Tap Nitro Coffee / Guinness Beer Beverage Tower Stainless Stout Creamer Faucet

  • $209.99

This beer / coffee / beverage tower has been upgraded with high quality stainless steel hardware for longer life and better performance!

Features stainless steel stout creamer beverage faucets with dual-action design. Pull forward for most of your pour, then push back for a creamy, lacy head finish. Great for nitrogen stout beers like Guinness, or nitro coffee!

This is a commercial grade beverage tower, built for long life and dependability. FAR more durable and attractive than cheaper chrome towers!


  • 12" Tall
  • 3" Diameter
  • All stainless steel contact, with high quality SS304 faucet and shank!
  • Column is insulated, including the removable cap.
  • High quality, FDA / NSF food safe beverage tubing.


  • (X1) 1-Tap beverage tower for beer, coffee, water, and more.
  • (X2) Stainless steel stout creamer beverage faucet
  • (X2) Stainless steel tower shank
  • (X2)5' of high quality, food grade beverage tubing
  • (X1) Rubber base mounting gasket
  • (X4) 1/4" X 1.5" long Mounting screws
  • (X1) Collar / tower combo wrench
  • (X2) 2.5" Black plastic faucet handle

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