3 Body Secondary Regulator Kit with 3/8" ID Tubing for Domestic Beer Kegerators

  • $159.99

This kit includes everything you need to split the output from your current Co2 regulator into 3 separate gas lines, each with individual pressure control!

Simply attach the included gas tubing to your existing Co2 regulator output and attach to the secondary bank. This will allow you to make precise pressure adjustments to each keg for a perfect pour every time.

Includes steel wall mounting bracket for secure and tidy install!


  • 3 body secondary co2 regulator with mounting brackets
  • (X4) 5' sections of 5/16" ID PVC gas tubing (1 feeder from your primary regulator + 3 output lines)
  • (X3) Shutoff valves with 3/8" hose barbs (This unit is for commercial kegs and does not have check valves. Please see our home brewing version if you need check valves!)
  • (X8) Tubing clamps

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