3 Tap Draft Beer Tower Triple Faucet 12" Tall, 3" Diameter Stainless Steel

  • $109.99

Draft Beverage Tower with Chromed Brass Faucets


  • (X1) 12" Tall stainless steel draft beer tower
  • (X3) Brass beverage faucets
  • (X3) Brass tower shanks
  • (X3) 2.5" Black ABS plastic faucet handle
  • (X3) 8' Food grade beer line
  • (X1) Collar / tower combo wrench
  • (X1) Rubber base gasket
  • (X1) Chrome finish flange ring for base
  • (X4) 1/4" Mounting screws

Tower comes with tubing and shanks assembled on the tower for easy setup. Just attach the faucets and the tower is fully assembled.

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