5 Gallon Ball Lock Carbonation Keg with Dip Tube and Aeration Carbonating Stone

  • $179.99

Stainless steel ball lock carbonating keg system.

Features a specialized carbonation lid with an additional gas connector post. This post is connected to a dip tube and diffuser stone that reach the bottom of the keg. This 0.5 micron pumice carbonating stone will diffuse Co2 or Nitrogen into your product, with little or none of the normal shaking / rocking normally required for manual carbonation!

High quality materials and construction make these kegs a great choice for commercial or home brewing use!

Suitable for beer, coffee, soda, tea, kombucha, wine, or other beverages.

Each keg has one gas (in) connecter post and one beverage (out) connector post.


  • 5 Gallon capacity
  • Beverage-grade SS304 stainless steel shell.
  • Standard ball lock connector posts.
  • Ball lock keg lid with ball lock gas inlet post
  • 24" Clear PVC dip tube
  • 0.5 Micron diffusion stone with stainless steel hose barb
  • Lid seals securely for an airtight fit.
  • All stainless steel and other food contact safe materials.
  • NSF Food safe certified.
  • Heavy duty rubber bottom and top with dual handles for easy moving and stacking.
  • Removable lid for easy filling and cleaning.
  • Automatic pressure release valve engages at 130psi.
  • Manual pressure release valve pull ring.
  • Lightweight but durable design for long life and great performance!
  • Approximately 26"x8"x8".
  • Approximately 11lbs.

Extra o-ring set included with every keg for easy maintenance!

We recommend cleaning and sanitizing any keg before use.

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