5lb 20cf Aluminum Nitrogen Gas Tank Beer Coffee Beverage Cylinder CGA580 CGA 580

  • $94.99

Brand new, with fresh, 5 year hydro-static inspection dates and DOT engraving for easy filling at your local gas supplier.

Attractive brushed aluminum finish and brass valve.

Perfect for cold brew coffee, Guinness, or other nitro beverages! Can accept 100% nitrogen or beer gas (nitrogen / co2 mix).

Requires a nitrogen regulator with CGA580 inlet (USA standard) for use.


  • DOT certification stamp
  • Current (less than 1 year old) hydrostatic test stamp (good for 5 years)
  • CGA580 Nitrogen valve
  • 1800PSI working pressure
  • Sturdy metal hand wheel
  • Tank is shipped empty, but ready to fill at your local gas supplier
  • 18.25" Tall
  • 5" Diameter

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