Add A Tap Home Brew Beer Kit! Add a Faucet to Your Kegerator or Keezer!

  • $69.99

Everything you need to add a second tap to your existing keezer or kegerator draft system!


  • 2 Way Co2 Splitter with 1/4" MPT Threads (Standard for most regulator outputs)
  • Regulator Shutoff Valves with 1/4" Barbs (X2)
  • Standard Beer Faucet with Chrome Finish
  • Door / Wall Shank with Chrome Finish
  • 10' of High Quality, Food Safe Gas Tubing
  • 8' of High Quality, Food Safe Beverage Tubing
  • Faucet Wrench
  • Rubber Faucet Cap
  • All Necessary Washers, Hose Clamps, and other hardware
  • Ball Lock or Pin Lock Keg Coupler Set (1 Gas, 1 Beverage)

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a complete conversion kit! It's everything you need to add a tap to your existing kegerator. No regulator is included.

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