Ball Lock Corny Keg Rebuild Kit! Replacement O-Ring Set, PRV, and Poppet Set.

  • $9.99

This set of high quality parts will fix the most common causes of gas leaks in just a few minutes.

To find leaks, pressurize your keg to 15-20psi, and spray the lid and posts with Star San or other no-rinse sanitizer. Bubbles will appear around any leaking connections. Large leaks will be obvious right away. Let the keg sit 30-60 minutes, and you will see foam around smaller leaks. Replace any faulty parts and retest. Continue until all leaks are stopped and your keg is ready to use again!

The included lid o-ring is silicone, which is softer and seals better than standard rubber o-rings. Keep in mind that some kegs, especially ones with badly dented or misshaped lids or keg openings may need further reconditioning to seal properly.


  • Replacement O-ring set. (1 lid seal, 2 post seals, 2 poppet or dip tube seals)
  • PRV (pressure release valve) with pull ring and rubber tip.
  • Poppet set (1 gas 1 beverage)

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