Sankey Keg Quick Connector Adapter Posts + Ball Lock Corny Keg Coupler Set

  • $22.99

Quickly and easily change tanks or lines in your draft system with these handy quick connector posts.

You can leave your gas and beverage tubing attached to the included ball lock coupler set, and just pop them onto your sankey keg coupler when you need to tap a commercial keg

Gas post has a ring around the base for easy identification.  Unibody design keeps all parts in place when not mounted.

Fits any standard keg coupler that uses US7/8" x 14 male threads (standard for most keg couplers)


  • 1 Beverage Post
  • 1 Gas Post (look for the line around the base of the gas coupler to easily identify which post is which!)
  • 1 Ball lock keg gas connector (white)
  • 1 Ball lock beverage connector (black)

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