Beer Tap Handle Repair Kit! Chrome Ferrule, Top Finial, Two 2 Sided Hanger Bolts

  • $14.99

Build or repair your tap handles with our Tap Handle Repair Kit!

Simply screw the wood threads into the bottom of the handle, leaving the machine thread portion exposed for attaching a ferrule at the bottom and the finial at the top.


  • (X1) Chrome Top Hat Tap Finial (top piece)
  • (X1) Chrome Tap Ferrule (bottom piece)
  • (X2) Two-headed Tap Screws


Krome Dispense C689
Material - Chrome Plated Brass
5/16" x 18 BSW Threads

Krome Dispense C243
Material - Chrome Plated Brass
Bottom Thread - 3/8"x16 UNC
Height - 1"
Top Thread - 5/16" BSW
Width - 0.75" (3/4")

Hanger Bolt:
Krome Dispense C696
Wood threads on one end and machine screw threads on the other
Restores broken or damaged wooden tap handles easily
Material - Zinc Plated Steel
Thread Size - 5/16" BSW
Length - 1-1/2"

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