Beer Tap Handle Repair Kit! Chrome Ferrule, Top Finial, Two 2 Sided Hanger Bolts

  • $8.99

Build or repair your tap handles with this complete repair kit!

Simply screw the included double-sided screw into the bottom of the handle, leaving the machine thread portion exposed for attaching a ferrule at the bottom and the finial at the top.

Fineal threads are 5/16" x 18 BSW.

Ferrule bottom threads are 3/8"x16 UNC (standard fit for most beer faucets). Top threads are 5/16" x 18 BSW.

Ferrule and fineal are chrome plated brass with attractive high-shine finish!

1.5" zinc plated steel screw has 5/16" course wood threads + 5/16" x 18 BSW machine threads.


  • (X1) Chrome top hat tap finial (top piece)
  • (X1) Chrome tap ferrule (bottom piece)
  • (X2) Two-headed tap screws

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