Beer Tower Rebuild Kit! Replacement Faucet, Shank, Tubing and Hardware + Wrench!

  • $44.99

Everything you need to restore your old draft beer tower!

Just remove your old faucet/shank/beer line and replace with all new parts for a like-new tower!

Includes high quality Bevlex 200 beverage tubing and hose clamps.  Also comes with a tower combo wrench, essential for getting those hard-to-reach shank nuts off inside your tower.  Wrench also features a faucet pin, for tightening or removing faucets!


  • Standard Brass Beer Faucet
  • Brass Tower Shank (fits 3" diameter towers)
  • 8' Foot Beer Line - 3/16" Inch Inner Diameter
  • (x2) Screw Clamps
  • Tower Combo Wrench

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