Beer Wine Filter Kit 1 Micron Home Brewing Clarification + Corny Keg Connectors

  • $49.99

Place this filter inline between two Corny kegs and use Co2 to push the unfiltered beer or wine through the filter and into a clean keg.

Pleated filter media with high surface area removes particles as small as 1 micron in diameter. Great washable design lets you clean it up and use it multiple times before replacing.  Reinforced plastic shell for stability and toughness.


  • Fine Filtration - Filter out particles down to 1 microns for clearer beer!
  • Built in pressure release safety valve.


  • 10" filter housing
  • 1 Micron 10" Polypropelene Sediment Filter (can be washed and reused for multiple batches!  Replacements also available)
  • Wall Mount Bracket & Mounting Screws
  • Filter Wrench for quick & easy filter changes
  • Teflon Tape (for inlet barb threads)
Buy just the filter, or use the drop down menu to select Pin or Ball Lock Connectors with 5' In/Out Feeder Tubing!

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