Home Brew Beer Kegerator CO2 Regulator + 3 Output Splitter + 1/4" MFL Shutoffs

  • $89.99

Great for kegerator conversions or portable keg dispensing systems!

High quality dual gauge Co2 regulator for draft beer dispensing.


  • Durable Chrome Body
  • 3000 PSI (tank pressure) Gauge
  • 60 PSI (keg pressure) Gauge
  • Quick and easy pressure adjustment NO TOOLS REQUIRED!
  • Automatic Safety PRV
  • 3 Way Gas Output Splitter
  • (X3) Threaded 1/4" MFL Shutoffs with check valves (prevents backflow into your regulator.
  • USA Standard CGA 320 Co2 Inlet
  • High Quality Materials and Construction!

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