Guinness Nitrogen U Keg Stout Conversion Adapter Kit for CO2 Regulator Kegerator

  • $109.99

This partial conversion kit allows you to adapt your existing CO2 based system for serving rich, creamy nitrogen stouts!


  • CO2 regulator to nitrogen tank adapter (CGA320 to CGA580). Allows you to use any suitable CO2 regulator on a standard CGA580 nitrogen tank
  • “U” Keg coupler (standard for Guinness, Harp and Kilkenny kegs.
  • Stainless steel stout creamer faucet - Essential for getting the trademark light, lacy head of a cream stout.
  • Also great for nitro coffee!

Please Note: This is NOT a complete conversion kit. This kit only includes the necessary parts to convert your existing CO2 kegerator system to a nitro stout U system. Not all CO2 regulators are suitable to use with nitrogen. Be sure to check your regulator specifications to ensure proper and safe operation!

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