KegLand WC130 Copper Counterflow Heat Exchanger Efficient Wort Chiller Coil

  • $59.99

This copper counter flow chiller is probably one of the fastest and easiest ways to chill wort! This unit is similar in efficiency to a plate chiller, but with the added benefit of being much easier to clean after use.

The tube-within-a-tube design allows for hot wort to flow through the chiller in one direction, while cooling water flows the opposite direction in a cooling jacket surrounding the wort.

Enables a more efficient cold break to remove unwanted proteins and particles from your beer. Cleaner aroma profile because of decreased DMS production, giving your finished product a more pronounced aroma.

These units are 9" in diameter and about 7" high. The input and output are approximately 3/8" outside diameter (9.5 mm). These can be used with gravity, although a pump is recommended.

3/8" Male brass hose barbs. Suitable for water tubing or push fittings (not included).

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