Dual Gauge Nitrogen Beer Coffee Beverage Gas Regulator 0-60PSI

  • $59.99

High quality dual gauge N2 regulator for draft beer dispensing. Great for dispensing Guinness or other nitro stouts, wine, or nitro coffee!

CGA-580 gas inlet stem. Standard for USA nitrogen tanks.
  • Durable Chrome Body
  • Includes 1/4" and 3/8" hose barbs, allowing you to use with most common tubing sizes
  • 3000 PSI (tank pressure) Gauge
  • 60 PSI (keg pressure) Gauge (45-50psi max operating range)
  • Rubber gauge protectors
  • Quick and accurate pressure adjustments
  • Locking nut to keep your pressure dialed in
  • Automatic Safety PRV with manual pressure release pull ring
  • High Quality Materials and Construction!

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