Draft Beer Brewing Multi Tool Spanner Tower Faucet Shank Pin Wrench Duotight

  • $5.99

Every draft tech, bartender, and home brewer should one of these handy multi tools in their toolbox!

It's really useful for the most common fittings that you are likely to see in a home draft system, and Duotight users will appreciate the handy removal tool for 8 mm and 9.5 mm fittings.

Sturdy steel construction with stylish black enamel finish.


  • 1-1/16" Tower Nut Wrench - Makes installing/changing tubing MUCH easier!
  • 1-1/8" Regulator Nut Wrench (fits most standard regulators)
  • Shank Hex Nut Spanner
  • Faucet Collar Pin Wrench
  • Flare Swivel Nut Spanner
  • 8 mm Duotight Removal
  • 9.5 mm Duotight Removal
  • Bottle Opener (can you ever have TOO many bottle openers?!)

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