12x7 Under Counter Mounted Glass Rinser Drip Tray Stainless with Drain

  • $69.99

Rinse glassware right at the bar with this compact glass rinser tray.

Pressure activated rinser plate for easy one-handed operation. Great for cooling and wetting fresh glasses before use!

Sturdy, sleek, and sanitary 16 gauge stainless steel construction. Stainless steel mounting plate with holes for mounting under the counter.

Includes water line connection hardware and drain assembly with hose barb.

Actual dimensions 11-3/8 X 6-3/8"

Rinser water Inlet Installation Instructions

  • Always check with local plumbing codes before Installation
  • For use with cold water supply only, Hot water is not recommended to use with rinser
  • Install in-line water regulator set at 15 PSI from the public water supply, no more than 15 Psi
  • Install an in-line one-way check valve on water supply this will prevent pressure drop which can cause leakage
  • Install in-line shut-off for the rinser system from the water supply, this must be turned off if not in use for extended periods such as off days or night time!

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