Kegerator Keezer Beer Line Draft System Cleaning Hand Pump Kit + Brushes & BLC

  • $39.99

This cleaning kit makes it easy to keep your kegerator or keezer in safe and sanitary condition!

Simply remove your faucet and connect the pump with the included fitting. Pump a liter of the included BLC beer line cleaner through your system, rinse thoroughly, and you're done!

Kit also included a 12" wire and nylon hand brush for faucets and fittings, as well as an extra long (66") tubing brush to get those hard-to-reach places.


  • 1 Liter cleaning bottle with 4" hand pump
  • Shank connector fitting
  • Faucet wrench (tightens connector fitting to shank)
  • 12" Cleaning brush
  • 66" Cleaning brush
  • 4oz bottle of beer line cleaner (enough for multiple cleanings!)

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