Mini Co2 Regulator 0-90 PSI Portable Dispenser Charger for Ball or Pin Lock Keg

  • $44.99

Pressurize your ball or pin lock kegs to enjoy your home brew beer anywhere!

This versatile mini regulator attaches directly to the included ball or pin lock gas coupler, so you can easily attach to your keg.


  • 3/8'' Inlet thread for threaded CO2 cartridges
  • The outlet connection is 1/4'' X 7/16’’ UNF outlet (standard corny coupler threads)
  • 0-90 psi working pressure
  • Suitable for 0-2000 PSI tank pressure
  • Auto PRV pressure safety release
  • Precise and constant pressure!


  • (X1) 0-90PSI Mini Co2 regulator
  • (X1) Threaded ball OR pin lock keg gas coupler
  • (X3) Threaded 16g Co2 cartridges

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