Perlick 630SS PERL Beer Kegerator Keezer Tap Stainless Steel Faucet + Shank Set

  • $68.99

Perlick 630SS stainless steel draft beer faucet + stainless steel faucet shank. All stainless steel contact makes this set a premium option for any kegerator, keezer, or bar setup!

Perlick Perl forward sealing faucets seal near the spout end of the faucet, not at the rear. This leaves less room for leftover beer inside the faucet, leaving nowhere for mold or bacteria to grow. It also makes them easier to clean.

Includes high quality stainless steel generic door or wall shank. 4-1/8" long with a 1/4" hose barb. Perfect for 3/16" ID beer tubing.


  • Perlick 630SS Perl forward sealing stainless steel beer faucet
  • 4" Stainless steel shank assembly (shank, flange, lock nut, faucet ring)
  • Black ABS plastic faucet knob

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