Portable Home Brew Ball Pin Lock Corny Party Keg Sampling Faucet Dispensing Kit

  • $69.99

Serve your home brew beer, kombucha, soda, coffee, or other beverages anywhere! This portable co2 system makes it easy to serve without all the exhausting pumping!


  • Dual Gauge Co2 Regulator
  • Standard Chrome Beer Faucet
  • Chrome faucet to keg coupler connector
  • 5' of gas tubing
  • Metal faucet pin wrench (for tightening faucet on coupler)
  • All necessary washers, hose clamps, and other hardware
  • Choose Ball Lock or Pin Lock keg coupler set (1 barbed gas, 1 threaded beverage)
  • OPTIONAL: Aluminum 5lb CO2 Tank (PLEASE NOTE: All tanks are shipped empty, but are ready to fill at your local gas supplier!)

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