Ball or Pin Lock Corny Keg Portable Party Home Brew Draft Beer Dispensing Kit!

  • $94.99

Be the life of the party with our Domestic Beer Keg Party Dispenser kit! All the fun of a kegger, without all the exhausting pumping!


  • (x1) Dual Gauge Co2 Regulator
  • (x1) Picnic Faucet
  • (x1) 5' of Gas Tubing
  • (x1) 5' of Beverage Tubing
  • All Necessary Washers, Hose Clamps, and other hardware
  • Choose Ball Lock or Pin Lock Keg Coupler Set (1 Gas, 1 Beverage)
  • OPTIONAL Aluminum 5lb CO2 Tank (PLEASE NOTE: All tanks are shipped empty, but are ready to fill at your local gas supplier!

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