Sankey D Coupler w/ Quick Release for Corny Posts - Commercial or Homebrew Kegs!

  • $49.99

Allows you to quickly and easily hook up either a Sankey D (commercial USA) keg or a ball lock corny keg!

Just keep your air and beverage tubing connected to the ball lock couplers, and pop them on the adapter posts when you need to tap a Sankey D keg.


  • High quality chromed brass Sankey D keg coupler (fits most domestic USA beer kegs. Check with your keg supplier if you're not sure what coupler type you need).
  • Gas and beverage ball lock corny keg couplers with 1/4" stainless steel barbs
  • Metal quick connector post adapters for mounting ball lock corny couplers on D coupler
  • Quick connector GAS post has a ring on the base for easy identification!

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