Stainless Steel Forward Sealing Beer or Wine Kegerator Faucet + 4" SS304 Shank

  • $32.99

Commercial quality stainless steel faucet & shank set.

These faucets offer the same high quality materials, performance and durability of higher priced models!

Front sealing SS304 faucets close securely to keep air and contaminants out of your faucets!

Shank is suitable for doors, walls, or collars up to 3-3/8" thick.


  • High quality forward-sealing stainless steel draft beer faucet
  • 2.5" Black plastic handle
  • 4.5" Stainless steel door or wall shank with 1/4" hose barb nipple (perfect fit for standard 3/16" ID beer tubing).

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