Stout Nitro Creamer Beer Faucet for Guinness Nitrogen Coffee Stainless Steel

  • $57.99

Give your beer that distinctive foamy head that makes it a cream stout!

These faucets feature a small perforated restrictor disc, which creates tiny bubbles for that distinctive, creamy, cascading head. This disc is easy to remove to allow you to pour lagers or ales.

Dual action lever for two-part pour - Pull forward first to fill your glass, then push back for a nice finish of creamy foam on top!

Great for Guinness and other nitro stout beers, as well as nitrogen coffee.

Stainless steel body for long life and great performance! All product contact parts are SS304, suitable for beer or coffee and other high acidity beverages.

Includes 2.5" black ABS plastic handle.

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